Sunday, 25 October 2015

7 Things I Like About Being 65.

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I joined a bunch of people in a blog fest where you share a list of anything; so, here goes:

 7 Things I Like About Turning 65.

1. At 65, I find it easier to  rejoice in small things, such as waking up in the morning and thinking, "I'm still here?!"

(You have to understand I grew up in the 1950s when 65 was considered OLD. People dropped dead right after they retired, which made the government very happy.)

2. At 65, you never run out of things to talk about, namely: your health. My mom and I have more in common than ever. Just yesterday, Mom walked in the door and said, "I'm feeling a little shaky today." I came back with, "That's a coincidence, my legs are wobbly."

(Score: 1 - 1, although the fact she has to use a cane pretty well trumps anything I have to say.)

3. At 65, my children and grandchildren look on me as a source of wise counsel.
    (Ha! Just joking. They are keeping an eye out for an ice floe with my name on it.)

4. At 65, I've learned I have less to buy. Recently, I looked in a cupboard and saw 4 boxes of staples. I thought, "I'm sure I'll be dead before I run out of these."

5. At 65, I don't have to cook Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners anymore. My daughters and grandchildren do it all while Mom and I sit in the living room being old.

6. At 88, my mother is healthier than I am. I've always told my mother I would take care of her in her old age. Now I'm thinking, maybe we could go to a rest home together! I'd have an instant roomie.

7. At 65, my husband still loves me. Amazing, but true.