Thursday, 12 November 2015

God Needs Relationships.

Three of my granddaughters.

Who am I?

Someone who needs relationships.

I remember the first year our children had grown up and left home. My husband had always wanted us to take a vacation alone - just the two of us - so we did.

We took off for California and it was nice at first. At one point, when we were driving down the highway, I said,
"Listen, do you hear that?"
"What?" He said.
"That's the sound of no fighting or whining from the back seat." I answered.

After a few days I really missed the kids and felt sad; but I was determined not to say anything to my husband. He had wanted this for so long.

One day, as we were enjoying the sights he said, "I wish the girls were here." I was surprised, and also happy I could share my thoughts with him. I told him how much I missed them too.

Now, I am 65. I rarely see my daughters and grandchildren. They have moved and are living their own lives and that is good. We lived with one of my daughters and her family for 10 years so she could work and I looked after her youngest daughter. My husband and I have lived alone now for a few years.

I was very lonely when we first moved out. My husband has his own interests and all my life was wrapped up in the family. I got very depressed. Well, after some therapy and pills I am doing better, but I did have a real break-through recently. I said to God, "I guess it's just you and me." And I made the effort to go through the day praying more; talking with him more; and all I can say is, "God alone is enough."

Who is God?

A being who needs realtionships to be happy and complete. (I'm guessing?)

Today I heard a sermon on how God created us for relationships. Life feels incomplete when we are alone. It is so wonderful to share life with people you love. Everything is better when you share it, whether good or bad.

We are made in the image of God. I suppose he is also incomplete  without relationships. God is three in one. He is never alone, and I guess he has never been alone. He said it wasn't good for Adam to be alone, even though God came to the garden to visit every day.

One time, I was reading a passage in the Bible about how there will be so many people in heaven you couldn't count them. I actually got anxious imagining these crowds of people milling around. It made me laugh because I know that won't bother me then.

I've always felt anxious around people and I'm looking forward to the day that anxiety is gone. I'm looking forward to being completely  relaxed about relationships and life in general.