Thursday, 17 December 2015

Looking for Love in the Right Place.

Who is God?

God created us with the drive to love and be loved. I think that is the strongest drive we have next to food and shelter. God created us that way because he is love personified, as the Bible says. He created us in his own image and therefore we love to love, we love to create, we love to enjoy life.

Who am I?

Someone who looked for love in all the wrong places. It is something we all do, I think. First, I looked at home, to my parents, brother and sister. They loved me, but not perfectly. Love felt conditional. It felt they would love me if I was good and did what they asked.

At school, I looked for love in friends. But friends betrayed me and I betrayed friends. There was no unconditional love there either.

I looked for love in boyfriends. But boyfriends would come and go, mostly go. My heart was broken a few times and I broke a few hearts.

I looked for love in my husbands. But it wasn't perfect, unconditional love. There were things about me they didn't like. There were things about them I didn't like. There was conflict, anger, divorce, threats of divorce.

I looked for love in my children and got perfect love, until they were teenagers.

I looked for love in my grandchildren and got perfect love. Then they grew up and moved on.

I looked for perfect, unconditional love when I turned 65. I looked to God and I found it. Finally.

I have been with God since I was nineteen. At first, I couldn't believe he loved me. Then I started to believe it. Then I got mad at him and almost hated him because of the suffering of myself and my family. Then I came back to him. I sort of believed he loved me. Then I had no one to turn to but him. No one at all. So, I spent lots of time with him every day and heard the sermons of Ty Gibson. Now I know he loves me. He loves me so much I'm excited and happy in his love. I love him like crazy. I can't wait to see him, to hold him, to speak with him, to touch him, to kiss him, to  walk with him.

Yep, I finally found perfect, unconditional love in God. I hope all of you, whoever you are, find it too.